I have had the pleasure of working with Angelena for the past 4 months. As an elite voice coach I have worked with many successful vocalists over the years. I can honestly say few have ever had such a robust and dedicated work ethic as Angelena. She has been single minded of purpose and has improved exponentially in a relatively short time. She brings a lightness and energy to her vocal sessions and it is this particular focus which propels her forward. It is no surprise to me at all she has had such unprecedented success in her filmmaking. Her tenacity and sensitivity permeates all aspects of her creativity regardless of whatever she sets her mind to.

She is definitely a force.

I have known Angelena Bonet, since our first year of high school she stood out as the number one popular girl in our whole school who always took the time to talk to everyone. She has overcome obstacles and the ultimate betrayal that most people won't ever experience in their lifetime and that would turn most people into a negative and bitter person who would then give up on life - but not Angelena! She has defied all the odds and created a wonderful show Heart Of The Matter and her mind and heart are stronger than ever and her spirit has not been broken. Her show title is so fitting because it is HER heart that matters. So proud to call her my friend.

Love Mel xx

Melina Matta

It was such an important day for you and I was honoured you wanted to spend it with us and all of the wonderful people at our STAY SAFE Personal Safety day at Sydney Self Defence Centre. The energy of healing was everywhere through the academy. Spectacular. It's been a few years since we had the chance to sit down and catch up. You are a remarkable woman and a powerful role model for all women. I am very glad to call you my friend. Let's not wait so long before we catch up again.

Shi Gong Chris Futcher-Coles - Founder of Sydney Self Defence Centre & White Ribbon Ambassador

Pure soul. Pure heart. No hidden agenda. Dedicated to changing the world and inspiring others to do the same. So grateful to have crossed paths and hope to work together on many more projects in future! Thank you for caring!

Natalia - #NataliasWarriors

Hello Angelena. I want to personal

Congratulate you for winning your

43rd Film Festival Award.

You are a very Special and Bless

young Lady. You are a Icon and

women around the world can really

appreciate what you are doing

giving them confidence in themselves and remember there is hope. You have shown them how to keep the Faith. I am very proud of having the opportunity and blessing to meet you several years ago.

Carlos Mackey - Producer/TV Host - The Best Of Sports World

Angelena Bonet is such an amazing human being in all senses, she's very warm, and she's a natural, she's very talented as well. It's remarkable the way she's helping thousands of people around the world sharing her story, information and being an activist, I find it very honourable. Her Documentaries are such an example to the world that you can get over any situation, no matter how hard it is. I wish there were more people like her in the world. I'm so proud of her, and so proud to be her friend.

Randy Berlin - Singer/Songwriter (USA)

Angelena gives voice to many that want to be heard, who has the strength, courage and determination to speak up. She is all for the sisterhood and uniting women together all around the world!

Fiona Moore - Sydney, Australia

It was such a privilege to interview you Angelena Bonet. You're such a successful, beautiful and truly inspiring woman.

Jade Morellini

Blown away by the beauty, strength and courage you have - one powerful woman Miss Angelena!

What an inspiration to all women alike!

Salleigh Olsen - Artist

I met Angelena during one of her visits to Toronto. Wonderful personality and truly inspiring in her advocacy.

Cat MacDonald - Toronto, Canada

Beautiful woman both inside and out. Talented and dedicated to changing the world from the inside out.

Keep up the great work you're doing. Your friend Keith.

Keith Griffin - Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp with Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

(Toronto, Canada)

When I heard Angelena speak about her personal experiences and triumphant healing and transformation, I knew that I too could emerge from the darkness of my own trauma and be alive and well again. She is right, enough IS enough!

Professor Mayri Sagady Leslie - George Washington University

Angelena’s strength and determination can help inspire everyone to achieve their own goals.

Shane - Ironman/Marathon Runner

Let the girls have all mighty power and help each other and what a great ambassador is Angelena...

Gordana Oehme - Melbourne, Australia

A sweet spirit

A strong spirit

Who has a unique way of life, and philosophy... who overcomes obstacles with a positive framework... which I find very refreshing and inspiring.

Stevie James - Songwriter/Musician (Toronto, Canada)

Angelena is an amazing talented woman, with everything that she has endured she is still a strong powerful Goddess, helping many women feel empowered.

Madeleine Marie Terides - The Crown Chakra

Angelena is an amazing person who upon meeting her, you feel you have known her your whole life. She is very talented, successful in all her ventures and is a very charismatic, warm-hearted and kind lady. Her positive nature has nullified the horrific and heartbreaking events which have occurred in her life. Angelena is an inspiring role model for all women and we are blessed and very privileged to know her.

Mark & Rosa Morellini

Angelena is a beautiful soul, changing the future for every mother, daughter and aunt in this world.. With determination and grace she has turned a living nightmare into a bright, bold and hope filled future..

Cathy Nisbet - Kogarah Community Services

An exceptional, inspiring and beautiful person with a heart of gold that just wants to do the best she can for mankind, the world needs more Angelena Bonets 😃

Amanda Galea - Childhood Friend

Such a kind and positive person who always looks for the silver lining and spins it into something gold xx

Alexis Salerno - Born in the same hospital a day apart!

I have known Angelena for 20 years. She helped me in high school in all my years and supported me in many ways. She is and will always be one special friend. She means so much. She also is an amazing chick and does many great things. Angelena, you're awesome and never forget it. 💖 xo

Eva Heaton - High School Friends

Angelena is the real deal. A mover shaker and action taker. She makes real significant impact in the world. Not only a great writer, she has a true heart and soul. I'm grateful to have her in my circle.

Lynx - Random Order

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